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Touching, True Story Junko Furuta (Japan girl in torment For 44 Days)

In November 1988, Boy A (18 years), Boy B (Jo kamisaku age 17, kamisaku is a family name he took after getting out of jail), Boy C (age 16), and d boys (age 17) from Tokyo abducted and confine Furuta, second grader of high school for 44 days saitama. They made him a prisoner in the house owned by the elderly man c.
To avoid police pursuit, forced Furuta A guy to call his parents and told him to say that she ran away from home, with the theme, and not in danger. A guy even made Furuta posing as the girlfriend of one guy - the guy when the parent C, the owner was at home that are Ruma. If they are convinced their parents about not going to call the police, he dropped the charade. Furuta tried to escape many - times, begging the old man about to save him, but they ga ngelakuin apa2 though they know if all this tortured Furuta, karenamereka fear that a guy will torture them. A guy when it is low grade yakuza leader and had bragged anyone who interfered would be killed.
According to testimony at the hearing that the boys, four of them raped Furuta, beat him, enter into the vagina macam2 including iron rod, make your own drink and eat cockroaches urinya, insert firecrackers into his anus and meledakanya, forced Furuta to masturbate, cut her nipple with pliers, dropped dumbbells onto her stomach, and burned with cigarettes and lighters (one of the arson was a punishment because he was trying to call the police). At a point Furuta injuries were so severe that according to one guy, Furuta takes over an hour to crawl down the stairs to use the bathroom. They even said that 100 people kemungkunan know if they hold Furuta at the house, but this is clearly ga what does it mean that only 100 people they know or come to rape and torture as well as been to the house. The boys refused to let go Furuta, Furuta though often begged them to kill people eat it and end the suffering.
On January 4, 1989, using the excuse that the defeat of one of the boys playing mahjong, the fourth guy Furuta beat with an iron barbell, poured lighter fluid on her legs, arms, stomach, and face, and then burn it. He died not long after that day of shock. Kempat guy said if they ga realize how severe wounds suffered Furuta, Furuta and they believe that only pretending to be dead.
The murder was to hide the body in 55 gallon drum and fill it with cement. They dispose of these drums in the city of Tokyo.
Detention and punishment
The boys were arrested and tried as an adult, but because the Japanese handling of crimes committed by yag is still under age, their identity is hidden by the court. But anyway, a week later, the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun publish their names, saying "rights are not required by the barbaric criminals." They also publish Surname Furuta and details about her personal life and menerbitkanya with great lust in the media. Kamisaku prosecuted as a leader of the guy, (whether true or not) according to the trial.
These four men were given relief by dinyatakanya guilty in the suit "to make a physical injury resulting in death", compared to counts of murder. A boys parents sell their home with a maximum price of 50 million yen or 5 billion dollars and paid as compensation to Furuta family. (I think anyway trillion in 5000 is also comparable to the suffering Furuta ga).
For participation in this crime, kamisaku must undergo 8 years in prison children before he was released in August 1999. in July 2004, kamisaku arrested for harming an acquaintance, who he thinks makes his girlfriend away from him, and proudly boasts about his family before his acquaintances were hurt. Kamisaku sentenced to 7 years with the demands of the beating.(Beat 7 years imprisonment, torture Furuta ampe died in prison eight years? Die aje loooooooooooooo)
Junko Furuta's parents were surprised by the sentence received from the killer daughter, and joined the community group against parental C guy whose house used as a holding. When some of the problems arising from the evidence (semen and hair obtained from the body it does not match with the boys who were arrested), a lawyer who handles the public agency decides not help them anymore because they feel there is ga ga evidence means no case or charges. (** This ** SENSOR lawyer, bribed what ya!). there is speculation that the evidence that they can be obtained from the unidentified person who raped or join mukulin Furuta.
one of the most disturbing of the real story is that the killers now freely Furuta. After making Junko Furuta through suffering, they are free men now.
All things scary as hell was performed on Junko Furuta and collected through a trial in Japan and blogs from 1989. they suggest that the pain experienced by Junko Furuta bertubi2 must be experienced before he died. All of this happened to him or her while she was alive, but this is very disturbing fact.
All that happened:Day 1: 22 november 1988: kidnappingConfined as a prisoner at home, and forced to pose as the boyfriend of one of the guysRaped (more than 400 times in total)Forced to call his parents and said that she had run away and the situation is safeHunger and malnutritionFed cockroaches and drinking urineForced to masturbateForced to strip in front of many peopleBurned with matchesEntering macam2 (of which amounted to little until you can imagine ga) to the vagina and anus
Day 11: 1st December 1988: a hard blow that injured countless timesFace was injured by a fall from a height into a hard surfaceHands tied to the ceiling and used as badanya (tables whose contents were made of sand boxing) a means for punchedHis nose was filled with so much blood that he just can not breathe through the mouthBarbell dijatuhin to the stomachVomiting of blood when the drinking water (ga stomach can accept water)Tried to escape and punished by cigarette burns on the handsLiquids such as gasoline poured into the soles of the feet, thighs and calves and then burnedBottle forced into her anus, until entry, causing injury.
Day 20: 10th December 1989: could not walk properly because of foot burnsBeaten with bamboo sticksFirecrackers inserted into the anus, and then ignitedHand in penyet (beaten so flat) with something heavy and broken nailsDipukulin with sticks and golf ballsRoko insert into the vagina (or presumably dijadiin ashtrays, dimatiin in the vagina and the ashes thrown in)Dipukulin with a rod of ironIt was winter snow (definite minus cold) were told to sleep on the balconySkewer inserted into the vagina and anus causing bleeding
Day 30: hot wax is dripped into his faceLayer of the eye burnt matchsticksHis chest needle ditusuk2Destroyed the left nipple and cut the handlebarHot light bulb inserted vaginaSevere injuries in the vagina because the scissors insertedGa pee with normal biasInjuries were so severe that takes an hour to crawl down the stairs just to use the bathroomDamaged eardrumsBrain size shrinks very very much
Day 40: begging the torturers to kill him at any time and complete
1st january 1989: Junko year renewal alonetubuknya mutilatedga can get up off the floor
day 44: the guy who tortured mutilated badanya with an iron barbell, with less reason to play mahjong. Furuta bleeding from the nose and mouth. They face flushed and his eyes burned with a liquid wax.
Lighter fluid and then poured into accomplices face, stomach and burned. The end of this torture lasted about 2 hours nonstop.
Junko Furuta died that day in pain and pain alone. Ga anyone can ngalahin uda 44 days of suffering he alamin.

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Wanita di dalam gambar di atas adalah Katie Kirkpatrick,dia berumur 21 tahun,sebelah kiri dia adalah tunangannya,Nick 23 tahun.Gambar tersebut diambil tidak lama pernikahan mereka yang dilaksanakan tanggal 11 januari 2005 di US.

Katie menderita kanker tahap akhir dan menghabiskan beberapa jam setiap harinya untuk terapi. Kelihatan Nick sedang menunggu Katie sehingga selesai,ini adalah salah satu sekian banyak sesi kemoterapi katie
Dalam kesusahannya menahan sakit,kegagalan organ tubuh , Katie tetap ingin melaksanakan acara pernikahan.Gaun pengantin perlu diperkecil beberapa kali kerana Katie terus menerus kehilangan berat badannya.
Katie terpaksa menggunakan tabung oksigen dalam acara pernikahannya.pasangan yang lain di gambar atas adalah orang tua Nick,ikut bergembira melihat anak lelakinya menikahi pujaan hati,kawan sekolah menengahnya.
Katie di kursi roda dengan tabung oksigen,mendengarkan sebuah lagu dari suaminya dan kawannya. Katie meninggal 5 hari kemudian setelah pernikahannya.Melihat seorang wanita yang sakit dan lemah melaksanakan pernikahan dengan sebuah senyuman di wajahnya membuat kita berfikir,kebahagiaan boleh dicapai tidak peduli apakah bisa bertahan berapa lama. Kita tidak seharusnya membuat hidup kita menjadi lebih rumit.

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The moment when I closed the "5 blank years" between me and my grandfather.

In the summer of five years ago, I walked in Harajuku all by myself, I stopped at a particular poster. "A Project in Akihabara Idol has begun!" written on the poster. Somehow, something happened to me. Instead of worrying much about it, I continued eating my breakfast, a crepe. 5 seconds after I finished it, ehh ....? Yasushi Akimoto not the person who created the Onyanko Club? Is not Natsu Mayumi-sensei who choreographed Morning Musume. 'S to dance? Meanwhile, crowds walking in Harajuku kept brushing past me, my eyes remained fixed on the poster. The next day, I went to the audition. This is my meeting with the IMR determines.
I come from a family that is very cool. Both my parents were very little concerned with my interests, therefore, I make most of my own decisions since I was young. I almost fought with my family and I do not have the memories I was rebelling phase. Although, it really sounds like I come from a very cold, it does have a "warm" it. Well, the policy of "laissez-faire" in my family. (Laughs)
That's why when I go AKB, all of which I received from my family is simple, "Good for you." But there is one problem. My grandfather from my mother's side was the only one who stubbornly opposed the action. I have always admired idol since I was young, my grandfather told my mother and grandmother, "She does not have to enter showbiz What if he was involved with some strange guy!."
One day, my grandmother came to my house and said, "Let's keep the secret, if he knows that you enter into the AKB, he'll ask you to stop." At that, my mother bowed his head in agreement. Although I was surprised with my mother and grandmother going that far, I still feel complicated about hiding the fact I went into my grandfather's IMR of ...... Because of the reasons why I admire and like to wear clothes idol glittered under the influence of my grandfather. When I was in elementary school, my grandfather would sometimes take me to Harajuku. In order not to be separated with a grandfather in Takeshita Street, I always hold my grandfather's hand tightly. And we'll visit the shops that I wanted to visit as much as possible. That is why I always felt guilty for lying to my grandfather about this issue.
After entering the AKB, I only get to meet my grandfather about two times a year. Every time I see it, I told him I worked in a clothing company, after hearing that my grandfather always feel happy for me. (Laughs) But, after I appeared on TV more often since the beginning of this year, I was surprised when my grandfather said, "There was a girl of the same name as you appear on TV, he looks pretty much like you." When I told him , "My name is very common, I also know several people who called Kojima Haruna.", he seems to accept that reason. My grandfather is stupid, just like me. (Laughs) During the conversation, a place in my heart, it feels as if time had stopped for me and my grandfather.
August 2010, in one TV program I appeared, I asked, "Now, who do you want to express my thanks to you?" Somehow, I replied, "my grandfather." After apologizing to hide the fact that I was in AKB, I express my thanks to my grandfather because I was able to achieve my current place, it's because he's "They're not on line script .. I will stop trying to hide the fact that I was in the IMR from my grandfather. Even if I was told to stop AKB, could not help ...... That's what I think.
After recording a TV program is over, an unexpected call came from my mother, she said, "Your grandfather cry After hearing that you express your gratitude to him, he cried." ....... Ticktock ticktock ...... Suddenly, the hours between me and my grandfather who quit 5 years ago has started to move.

Meaning of Laissez-Faire means "let them alone" french bhasa dlamin other words: parents who gives the greatest freedom for the child to his or her own mnentukan jlan his life

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Tomb of Ancient Egypt Singer Found

Tomb of Ancient Egyptian singer, Nehmes Bastet, who was found in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, by a Swiss scientist.

CAIRO - Archaeologists Swiss find tomb of ancient Egyptian singer 3,000-year-old in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. Minister of Culture and Antiquities of Egypt Mohammed Ibrahim told the media on Sunday (1/15/2012), in Cairo.

The discovery was actually a rare coincidence. The inventor is a team of scientists from the University of Basel, Switzerland, led by Pauline-Elena Grothe and Susanne Bickel. Precisely found in the tomb of Karnak and Luxor.

Ibrahim, as reported by AFP on Sunday, said that the figure of the singer who was buried was the daughter of the Rev. Amon. Singer's name is Nehmes Bastet. He is a singer for the worship of the god Amon Ra at the time of the 22 ruling dynasty (945-712 BC).

The identity of the singer was contained in an inscription of wood found in the tomb. According to archaeologists, the discovery is quite important.

"This shows that the Valley of the Kings are also used as tombs of ordinary people and religious leaders of the dynasty-22," said Ibrahim. Because, during this, the whole tomb found in Valley of the Kings of Ancient Egypt refers to the family.